Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is CBD Legal In The United States?

This guide will help you better understand all of the differences between CBD oil that is derived from marijuana and CBD oil that is derived from hemp. CBD oils that are made from hemp can be legally purchased not only in the United States but also in over 30 other countries. However, there are still a lot of questions regarding the legality of CBD oil and the types of CBD oil that are legal in specific areas.

The Interest And Debate Over Marijuana Oil

This type of oil has been a very popular topic over the past few years mainly because more states are beginning to pass medical marijuana legislation. The legislation has been put into place because numerous studies have concluded that medical marijuana does have the potential to offer users therapeutic benefits. These benefits are offered through the extraction of various cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD oil). CBD oil is one of the most active properties in cannabis, and many credible news shows have helped to propel certain strains of the oil into the national spotlight. The spotlight has increased the public's awareness of the oil.

Increased Interest In Cannabidiol

Although there has been an increased interest in cannabidiol since the early 2000s, this interest peaked in 2015. This is the year that saw a frenzy of interest when several states passed legislation for CBD successfully. It is important to note, the legislation was not even being considered by lawmakers until families of children with debilitating diseases, such as epilepsy, demanded cannabidiol laws. Cannabidiol is an issue that is proving to be extremely beneficial for lawmakers who are seeking office. They can use the fact that CBD oil does not make a person 'high' as the backbone of their campaigns. Meanwhile, it is these same politicians who will avoid making a definite stand on medical marijuana and they can effectively 'dance around' the issue. Current issues facing the introduction of medical marijuana programs in every state stem the lack of a national movement to approve both recreational and medical marijuana.

Limited CBD Oil Laws

Although, for the most part, the laws that have been past regarding CBD oil have been well-meaning, the majority of them are very exclusive. This means that are very limited in the types of illnesses that qualify for treatment with the oil, as well as limiting production of certain strains to specific manufacturers. As a result, these laws have received criticism and praise from different groups, and many believe that these laws still fall short as to where the country should be in regards to medical marijuana programs. So, what does this mean? Only a few patients are approved for CBD oil and in many cases, only patients suffering from epilepsy qualify. Many states have passed laws legalizing the CBD oil for medicinal use, but a lot of these laws will take many months or even years to implement an no one really know the correct dosing informaion yet either. The delay is due to details not being completed about whom will handle the production and distribution in each state. The patients and families in the states that have not yet enacted these laws are understandably upset and frustrated that they are living in states that do not have medical marijuana programs nor laws on the books so they can easily access CBD oil.

The most ironic part of the entire situation is that CBD oil is already legal when it sourced from hemp products that are used during the manufacturing process for nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, people who live in states that have not passed CBD (cannabis) oil legislation are not aware that it is possible to purchase CBD (hemp) oil legally. The question still remains. Is CBD oil legal? Well, it depends on the type of oil and where you reside.

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD hemp oil is a derivative of the industrial hemp plant. This type of CBD oil is an excellent and legal alternative for those who live in states where medical marijuana programs do not yet exist. It is also an option for those who are looking for very high concentrated forms of CBD oil. Keep in mind, this form of hemp should never be confused with hemp nutritional products such as hemp seeds and hemp seed oil. These products are sold exclusively for their nutritional properties, and not for cannabidiol concentrate. On the other hand, these nutritional products are sold under similar legislation that allows CBD hemp oil to be legally sold.

A Variety Of Cannabinoids Can Be Found In Hemp

Besides THC, there are several different types of cannabidnoids that are found in hemp. When properly extracted, a high concentration of CBD oil can also be sourced from hemp. In fact, some of these are the same strains that are currently being used to reintroduce high CBD levels back in cannabis plants. There are lower levels of CBD in cannabis plants because they have been bred exclusively for their high THC content for recreational use for several decades. There are some strains that are well-known, such as Charlotte's Web. These are hybrid strains specifically selected to cross with hemp plants high in CBD to create new strains of CBD strains of hemp and marijuana. Commercial and industrial hemp plants have been over the past 20 years to decrease the THC level limits to .3%, but the CBD levels have stayed the same. In the recreational sector, the opposite is true and has been occurring over the past 40 years.

What Is The Future Of CBD Hemp Oil?

The next few years will bring a lot of new and exciting changes to the present market of High CBD hemp oil. Hemp plants will again be cultivated on domestic soil for the first time in 30 years. This will allow companies that are manufacturing CBD hemp oil the opportunity to source the base for their products from suppliers that are local. This will raise the bar on CBD hemp oil products that are imported from Europe and other areas around the world. Making a move to whole plant extracts will create an important change in the market. Extracts from the female hemp plant will have superior cannabidiol profiles and this will make them more similar to the CBD cannabis oil without the higher THC component.