CBD Oil Side Effects

The Side Effects Of CBD Oil You Should Know

By now, nearly everyone on earth is familiar with THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the main hallucinogenic chemical found in marijuana. For years, many marijuana growers have been cross-breeding various strains of the plant to try and increase the amount of THC so they could raise the potency of their product. And they’ve been very successful, since modern marijuana is now far stronger than ever before. There is another ingredient, one that people have discovered helps them with pain and other afflictions, called CBD, or cannabidiol, that makes up about 40% of the extracts from regular cannabis. This is a discussion of the benefits and side effects of the cannabidiol and how it’s best used.

Cannabidiol Wont Get You High

This is a major difference between the CBD oil, and the THC oil that’s in most marijuana. And for the most part, what people call marijuana, is just hybrid strains of regular cannabis sativa that have been bred to have a high THC content and get people high. The regular cannabis, is better called industrial hemp, since it won’t get people high and is not illegal to grow, harvest, possess, or use anywhere in the United States now. The great thing about industrial hemp is that, while not having any THC, it has high quantities of CBD instead, which is the oil that we’ll be talking about here.

CBD Oil Actually Has Anti-Psychotic Effects

This is an important point to remember, if you have marijuana that has a mixture of both oils, if there is too much CBD content, the marijuana will be less psychoactive and better for pain. Both types of oils do help with pain, and in some instances, you actually do want some THC in the mixture because it does help in some cases, like anxiety. Many people that use medical marijuana seek out various strains that help them with their condition the best. They start out relying on reviews they read on the internet and advice they get from dispensary workers then try a few strains and settle on the most effective. When you go to a dispensary, or buy online, you have to ask a lot of questions and do some investigation to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. That’s why a lot of people read a lot of reviews in the beginning so they don’t waste money on the wrong products.

CBD Oil Has Dozens Of Uses

Probably the most common use for this great, all natural oil, is for reducing chronic pain. All around the world, there are millions of people that suffer from chronic pain. Many have been in jobs with constant repetitive motions for decades and their joints have deteriorated until there is no longer any cartilage left, leaving them with pain, all day and all night for the rest of their lives. The fist line of defense, when you go to the doctor, will almost always be light duty NSAIDs like aspirin, Ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. The next stage usually gets into various opiates like Oxycontin, Vicodin, and similar products. The huge problem with the light duty pain killers is they aren’t very effective. Then the opiates, on the other hand, slowly lose their effectiveness over time so people need to constantly up their dose. Eventually, they become addicted, are still in pain, and seek cheaper, stronger, street drugs like heroin. We now have a massive heroin addiction problem in the United States that’s leading to thousands of overdoses yearly and still rising.

The Side Effects

Nearly everyone that gets helped by CBD oil will tell you that the mild side effects they experience are well worth the benefits they receive. The most common mild side effects of CBD oil are very similar to smoking marijuana, such as dry mouth, drowsiness, and changes in appetite. Less commonly, people can become dizzy, have diarrhea, and experience anxiety or depression. On the other hand, millions of people with diseases like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, cigarette addiction, opioid addiction, opioid withdrawal, and cancer treatment side effects have found great benefits in using this oil. There are online forums where you can search for other people with other diseases that are getting relief as well. Do some homework.

There Are Many Different Ways To Take CBD Oil

Some of the different ways that people have found to take the oil are obviously better because it’s getting the oil directly to the problem. Others are for convenience and still others are for consistent dosing for chronic problems. For instance, a person that suffers from chronic anxiety may want a slow, steady dose, taken a little at a time every hour. For them, gummy bears infused with the oil are the perfect solution, careful dosing, convenient, and secret. Others that have panic attacks may only need a quick take down in order to relax, get back up, and be on their way. For them, vaping the oil in a vaporizing pipe, is the quickest and highest dose that can immediately be absorbed into the blood through the lungs. It won’t last as long as the gummy bears eaten and absorbed slowly through the intestines, however. Vaping is also a more difficult way to know your exact dose since each inhalation can be slightly different. Supplements are also a great way for people to take the CBD oil, especially for those that have chronic pain. The supplements can be bought in various strengths so that a person can easily regulate the dose, taking only what they need a couple of times per day. There are also sprays that can be quickly absorbed from under the tongue, these make an excellent addition to other methods since they can take the edge off of anxiety, depression, or pain while a longer action slower effect method takes time to kick in.

While CBD oil won’t cure everything for everyone, it does seem to have the ability to block certain types of signals through our nervous system. That makes it invaluable for treating dozens of diseases that use the nervous system and that’s why it seems to have such a broad effectiveness covering so many afflictions. If you’re in doubt, do a google search online and read other similar people’s experiences to see if they’re having success with this great oil.